A Spriggy Family membership does not come with an account number or BSB for transfers into the Parent Wallet.

At this point, Spriggy Pocket Money only allows for one Connected Account that is used to Top Up a Parent Wallet.

Either a debit card or bank account can be used as a Connected Account.

There are no additional charges for using a debit card, changing or updating your Connected Account but Top Ups will take a different amount of time to land in your Parent Wallet, depending on the account you connect:

  • Debit card - Within a few minutes. This is recommended.

  • Bank account - 2-3 business days.

If you need a hand updating your Connected Account, click here to see the related guide.

We also have a feature called Spriggy.me which allows for direct transfers into a child Spriggy Card from family and friends!

Spriggy.me is a great feature that allows close friends and family members to contribute funds straight into a Spriggy Card.

With Spriggy.me, you can handle it all by sharing your child’s unique Spriggy.me link with your friends and family. The money will land on their Spriggy Card within a few minutes, including a short personalised message. Easy!

If you need a hand finding a Spriggy.me link, click here to see the related guide.

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