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How to activate your free trial
Updated over a week ago

Activate your free trial

Activating your free trial is quick and easy

  1. Log into your Business Portal

  2. Enter the 12 character activation code that is in your Welcome Box.

  3. Choose whether to set your locations live now or later. If you choose to activate your locations later you will need to make them live in the Locations tab when you're ready to go live.

  4. Once you set your locations live, your tag should be ready to collect stamps!

  5. Test it out for yourself by tapping the SQUID tag with your phone (ensure you have the SQUID app downloaded first!)πŸ¦‘

*If you are experiencing any issues with activating, please reach out to your sales rep or send our support team a message at

Note: Your free trial will end 30 days after activating your tag(s) and your card will be charged.

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