Editing a Group Event
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Edit Group Event

To edit/update the Description, Site, Location or Attendance Limit of a Group Event follow the instructions below. If you need to remove non-resolved Group events, please click here for further information.

  1. Click Group List from your My Home Page.

  2. In the Results section select the Group you would like to edit an event in (Green dot indicates the Group is open and a red dot indicates the Group is closed).

  3. Select the Group Event you would like to edit.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Edit the event Description (if applicable). This option is only available in Penelope version and above.

  6. Edit the Site using the drop-down (if applicable).

  7. Edit the Location (if applicable).

  8. Change the Attendance Limit (if applicable).

  9. Click Save.

Maximum Members and Attendees

When working with groups in Penelope:

  • It is recommended that groups have no more than 200 members.

  • It is also recommended that no more than 200 attendees are added to group events.

Group Events Synchronizing with MS Exchange

Important information for agencies using MS Exchange synchronization โ€“ As of Penelope version any changes made to a Group events Location or Description will be synchronized with MS Exchange. In the past these changes would not have been synchronized with MS Exchange.

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