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The Calendar page displays a daily, weekly or monthly view of your calendar items. Service Events (appointments) can be accessed directly from your calendar by clicking on the Service Event name.

As of Penelope version

  • Group events will be visible in your Calendar even when they have no Individual attendees. In the past Group events would only be visible in your Calendar if they had at least one attendee.

  • Previously when syncing Group events with MS Exchange the event would be added once per attendee. This has now be changed and the event will only be added once per event (rather than multiple times for the same event). This also applies to the Back-populate Appointments function in Penelope.

To open your Calendar click on the Calendar tab on the right-hand side of your screen.

Your calendar will open over the top of your current screen.

Helpful Printing Tip

If you would like to print your appointments from your calendar, we would recommend printing the Worker Day Sheet Report. You will find a description below of the report.

Worker Day Sheet Report – This report lists out all scheduled events for a specific date and worker. In addition to displaying a broad range of peripheral information relative to the events, it reports on their coverage usages and limits for billing purposes. If no specific date is selected the report will select today’s date.

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