Target Breakdown Page
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The Target results Break Down page provides a streamlined and efficient way to create on-screen data reports. Please keep in mind that although the Breakdown list displays all possible breakdown elements, you can only report on those that you have included in your Target setup.

Follow the steps below to add a new Target:

  1. Navigate to your My Home page.

  2. From the Links sidebar select Target List.

  3. Select the Break Down tab.

  4. Enter an End Date.

  5. Select a Breakdown. Once you have selected the Breakdown you will be presented with the opportunity to select a value within the Breakdown element (step 6).

  6. Depending on the Breakdown selected additional fields may appear. Select/enter the appropriate answers.

  7. Check Include Non-Reported if required.

  8. Select any applicable Display Options.

  9. Select more options if applicable.

  10. If more options was selected, select/enter the applicable Statistics Options and Other Options criteria.

  11. Click Go.

The on-screen data report will display directly below the search criteria. Repeat the steps above to change the requirements and update the displayed data.

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