Target List Page
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Penelope allows agencies to set Targets for a wide range of organizational goals and compare the results (or ‘Actuals’) against those Targets.

The Target List page allows you to view existing Targets, add new Targets and run breakdown reports.

View Existing Targets

  1. Select Year (if required).

  2. Select Breakdown (if required).

  3. Select Target User Defined option (if required) – this field may be named differently depending on the configuration.

  4. Check Include Non-Reported (if required).

  5. Click Go.

Any existing Targets will display and can be edited by clicking on the Target name.

Adding a new Target

To add a new Target click Add Target. To see Add Target you will need to click Go in the Search Criteria section first. For more information and step by step instructions click here.

Breakdown Reports

The Target Results Break Down tab allows for onscreen data reporting in a streamlined and efficient manner. More about breakdown reports.

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