Actuals Report
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The Actuals Report can be found on the Reports page under Service Reports and can be used even when no targets have been entered. This is an extremely powerful report allowing for considerable refinement of results.

Accessing the Reports Page

To access the Reports page:

  1. Navigate to your My Home page.

  2. Open the Reports sidebar and click View All Reports.

If you do not see the Actuals report listed on the Reports page please contact your System Administrator.


The parameters page will give you a number of options for displaying and breaking out your data.

Display options allow you to show the Period Interval, Quarter Summary, Actuals Prior Year Summary and Parent Targets Comparison as well as the option to display Targets or Actuals only, the comparison to Targets or Prior Year. You can also choose to display the Difference, %Difference or % of Comparison.

Statistics Options include the option to display Min, Max, Median, Mean, Variance or Std Deviation numbers in Row or Column format, in addition to the option to show stats as percentages by row, breakdown total or breakdown period.

You can also sort your results by choosing from the Sort By drop-down in ascending or descending order.

The report will display each of the target values you entered along with the actuals and, if selected, the difference between the two for each interval with a total.

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