What's happening:

When a user logs in to Penelope, they almost immediately see the following message and are logged out --

Your Penelope session has ended Sorry, this session has ended. Possible causes are inactivity, logging in elsewhere, or changes to security settings. You can login again.

Possible solutions:

  • If the time on the user's computer is different than the current time in your timezone, updating their computer time should resolve this issue.

  • The user is already logged into their Penelope account in another tab, browser, or on another computer. Ensuring they are logged out successfully will allow them to log in again.

  • Check the Client Timeout settings on a System Administrator account. Login on an SA account, click Security. Should you need to change it, click Edit.

  • Check to make sure your browser is not blocking cookies from Penelope. This article explains how to check these settings, including enabling/disabling cookies for specific websites:

If the issue persists following updating the user's computer time, or if the time is already up to date, and the user is not appearing as being logged in already, please contact the Penelope Support Team.

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