What's happening:

When attempting to close a Service File the following error appears --

Database System Error Encountered: SQLException:Error: Document Date cannot be in the future

If a Document under the Service File, either on the Service File itself or on an Event, has a Document Date set to a date later in the future than the date being set in the Close Date field then this error will appear.

Possible solutions:

Finding the Document in question, editing it, and changing the Document Date so it is the same date or earlier than the Close Date will allow the Service File to be closed without error.

Alternately, a System Administrator can take the following steps --

  1. Navigate to the Document setup page

  2. Select Edit to the top right

  3. Check the “Allow Future Completion Date” checkbox

  4. Save

The Service File can now be closed by a Worker and after doing so the System Admin can return to the Document setup page and uncheck the “Allow Future Completion Date” checkbox again.

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