How to Close a Service File
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Before closing a Service File the following must be completed (if applicable):

  • All Service Events, Documents and Tasks must be resolved

  • Service Events must be marked as reviewed (if enabled)

Instructions on how to resolve and review Service Events can be found here:

Closing a Service File or Group Service File

The process for closing a Service File and a Group Service File is the same. Follow the steps below to close the applicable Service File/Group Service File:

  1. Navigate to the Individual’s (client’s) Service File.

  2. Make sure all events have been resolved (e.g. attendance has been marked).

  3. Click Close Service File.

  4. Enter a Close Date.

  5. Enter a Close Reason.

  6. Enter Close Notes if applicable.

  7. Click Save.

As long as all conditions are met the Service File will be closed immediately.

Documents Preventing Service File Closure

Penelope version and above – If there are any Documents preventing a Service File from being closed, a warning message will be displayed after entering the Close Service File information (e.g. Close Date, Close Reason etc) and clicking save. The message will list any Documents that are incomplete and preventing the Service File from being closed.

To close the Service File you will need to complete the listed Documents and then repeat steps 3-7 listed above to close the Service File.

The image below is an example of what will be displayed if there are incomplete Documents within the Service File.

If you would like to test this feature you will require an incomplete Document. Penelope considers a Document to be incomplete when all required questions have not been answered.

To create an incomplete Document you will need to start completing a Document with required questions, do not complete any of the required questions, click update and then click Cancel. This will create an incomplete Document that will display a message similar to the one above when closing the Service File.

Please note; this will generally force the error to display for testing purposes but there could be other factors involved that require other errors to be resolved prior to the above message being displayed.

Reopening a Service File

It is possible to reopen the Service File by clicking the Reopen Service File link (see image below).

When reopening a Service File the Close/End date, Close Reason and Close Notes will remain visible (intended functionality). This is useful if you need to quickly open the Service File to make a change and then immediately close it again (you don’t have to remember the date).

Edit or Remove Service File Start and End Dates

If you do need to edit/remove the Start/End date follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Service File and click edit.

  2. Delete the Start/End date.

  3. Click Save.

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