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Troubleshooting: Conditions on Sections and Groups not functioning in ClientConnect
Troubleshooting: Conditions on Sections and Groups not functioning in ClientConnect
Updated over a week ago

Users building Documents for use in ClientConnect and/or Engage may find that when a condition with a "Response is Not Equals" criteria is in place to display a certain Group or Section based on another question's answer that the Group or Section displays opposite to what they have set in the condition.

Note: It is currently expected that conditions do not function in client facing previews, so in order to test these, the document would need to be sent.

The example below walks through a scenario where a Document has been built out to hide a section and display another if the answer Red is not selected --

When completing the Document in Penelope, the condition will function as expected.

In ClientConnect/Engage, selecting Red will display the "Yellow or Blue" Section and hide the Red section, contrary to what is set in the Criteria and Applied Elements.

NOTE: If any questions under the Groups or Sections are set to Required, any user completing the Document through ClientConnect or Engage will receive an Oops error page with a -15 error attached.


Rather than having the condition set to show/hide sections based on one "Response is Not Equals" criteria, setting a condition with multiple "Response is Equals" criteria instead will work.

Though it's only possible to add one criteria when first adding a condition, a user can select the Add link to the top right of the Criteria box to add another after it's created.

A revision will need to be added to the Document to make these changes, and it will need to be finalized again once the changes have been made.

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