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Support Scope Guidelines for Engage Issues
Support Scope Guidelines for Engage Issues
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This series of documents is intended to help clarify the scope of support coverage for different areas of Penelope and add-on modules.

What kinds of things are:

Included in support packages

  • Making Engage and updates available for download and installation by your sufficiently knowledgeable IT team

  • Assisting in troubleshooting Engage-related errors after the system has been successfully setup and configured by your IT team.

  • Technical support for your agency (server down issues or errors generated by Engage)

Fall outside of support coverage

  • Troubleshooting your Engage installation

  • Dealing with configuration elements of your Outlook, network or server environment

  • Installation of Engage on self-hosted server

  • Technical support for your agency’s clients and their use of Engage

  • Trouble-shooting network issues relating to reverse proxy

  • Setting up DNS records for Engage server

  • Setting up SSL certificates for Engage server

Handled through Professional Services

Contact your account manager to discuss purchasing advanced and professional support services at

  • For self-hosted clients, the installation of Engage on your server (provided that we have appropriate connectivity, access rights/ permissions and Penelope’s system requirements are met)

  • IT assistance in setting up and configuring Engage to run in your environment

  • Getting the most out of Engage via our Engage Implementation Pathway

  • Installation assistance with Apache as reverse proxy

  • Generation of CSR and installation of generated certification once provided by client

  • Installation assistance with Apache as reverse proxy

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