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Support Scope Guidelines for Server Issues
Support Scope Guidelines for Server Issues
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This series of documents is intended to help clarify the scope of support coverage for different areas of Penelope and add-on modules.

What kinds of things are:

  1. Included in our support packages

  2. Fall outside of support coverage

  3. Handled by Professional Services

Included in support packages

  • One system administrator password reset request.

  • ODBC account setup with unique accounts for each user for SaaS clients. Number of connections limited based on concurrent licenses.

  • Information on which ports need to be open in firewall for Penelope or other Bonterra apps to work

  • Ensuring email services in Penelope work through our SaaS firewalls. Will assist in implementation by providing access to documents and also pertinent log file entries.

  • Assistance for technical issues relating to a currently supported version of Penelope.

  • 24/7 response to critical technical server-down issues

  • SaaS clients have upgrades performed as part of the software service

Fall outside of support coverage

  • Anything related to self-hosted as we are SaaS

  • Configuration of non-Penelope server elements (eg. firewalls, OS etc.)

  • More than one system administrator password reset request

  • Setting up non-unique accounts or not restricting by source IP

  • Setting up firewalls or firewall rules

  • We do not provide configuration assistance for setting up email servers for use with Penelope email notifications or exchange calendar syncing (that is, your own Exchange server etc.)

  • Providing assistance with Penelope or related software issues when software is on unsupported software and operating system versions.

  • “False alarms” paging triggered for non-critical issues (which may result in $250 charge to client)

  • Questions about the ERD, table structure, SQL queries or questions about the database in general

  • Management of Penelope Online Dashboard services accounts for SaaS

  • Athena does not upgrade Penelope from unsupported versions as part of our support packages

Handled through Professional Services

Contact your account manager to discuss purchasing advanced and professional support services at

  • Installation of Penelope on subsequent occasions

  • Password resets

  • Troubleshoot Penelope issues on unsupported software and operating system versions.

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