Create a Transcript Workspace

The MOST foundational step for organizing transcript workload and streamlining your workflow by yourself or with scopists and proofreaders!

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Creating a Transcript Workspace in Stenovate empowers you to see all your important deadlines and details at a glance from the main My Work page!

Transcript Workspaces are also where you'll collaborate and communicate with your scopists and proofreaders! Quickly and easily upload & download files, update transcript progress, share spellings, make notes, leave comments, and more!

Quick Steps to Create a Transcript Workspace

1. Click the Orange New Button

Locate and click the orange New button in the top right of your My Work page.

2. Name The Transcript (Required)

Name your transcripts however you prefer. For example, 48756 JBrown 03.22.24 or simply James Brown. As an official, you may want something like JBrown - Day 1 for trial.

3. Add Details (optional but highly recommended)

You can add as few or as many details as you'd like to each transcript. We recommend filling in details that will be especially beneficial for your scopist and proofreader to know.

For example, if you're inviting a scopist to this transcript, a scoping due date would be critical information.

Adding details like audio quality, translation quality, and if a transcript is videotaped or expert testimony creates clear expectations for your scopists and proofreader and allows them to set an appropriate rate from the outset.

4. Click Save

When you're finished, simply click the purple Save button.

What's Next?

Once you've saved your transcript, you'll be dropped directly into the transcript's workspace to invite teammates, upload files, update progress, add spellings, leave comments, or add notes!

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