Invite a Teammate to a Transcript

Invite scopists or proofreaders to a transcript workspace to share files, update progress, communicate, and more.

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After you've created your first Transcript Workspace, you can easily invite scopists and proofreaders to join a transcript's workspace to collaborate efficiently without the need for disjointed tools like email or Dropbox. Within a workspace, you can upload & download files, update progress, add spellings, make notes, leave comments, and more.

Quick Steps to Invite a Teammate to a Workspace

1. Click the Invite Teammate Button

The button can be found in two places: The face of a transcript card in your main My Work page or within a transcript's workspace in the Progress block.

2. Search for Your Teammate's Name

Once you click the Invite Teammate Icon, a pop-up will appear where you can search for a Stenovate member's name. Find who you're searching for and click on their name from the dropdown list.

3. Select their Role & Click the Orange Button

Then Select whether you are adding this individual as a scopist or a proofreader.

Click the orange plus button to add their invite to the pop-up menu. From here, you can continue adding additional teammates in the same way.

Make sure you choose a scoping or proofing due date & time for your teammate! If you haven't already done so, set up your default due dates & times, so you can skip this step in the future. Learn how here.

4. Click Send

You can invite one teammate or multiple teammates at a time. Once you're finished adding teammates to the Invite Teammates pop-up, click Send.

Need to find a new scopist or proofreader? No problem. We can help! Read the quick guide here: Connect with Scopists & Proofreaders

What Your Newly-Invited Teammate Sees / Experiences

Your teammate will receive an in-app (web) and email notification informing them that you have invited them to a transcript.

They'll be able to view the transcript workspace, including any details you've added and the scoping and proofing deadlines, and set a rate.

⚠️ Your teammate must set their rate in order to access any uploaded files.

You will receive an in-app (web) and email notification whether they accept or decline your invitation. So you don't need to worry about checking the platform for a response.

While you wait for their reply to your invitation, you can upload the files they'll be working on, as well as any exhibits or other important documents, and add spellings for their benefit!

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