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Update Transcript Progress

Keep yourself organized and your teammates informed by updating progress within each transcript workspace.

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Quick Steps

1. Navigate to the Transcript Workspace

From the My Work page, locate the transcript you need to upload files to or download files from.

From Card View

From the Card View, Click the View Workspace button located at the bottom of the transcript card.

From List View

From the List View, click on the Transcript Title to enter the workspace.

Haven't created your first Transcript Workspace yet? Oh, dear! You can't add any files to Stenovate until you've created a Workspace.

That's an easy fix! Check out this quick guide to show you how:

2. Locate the Progress Box

Every transcript workspace has its own Transcript Progress box, where you you see four rows representing one of the essential tasks for completing a transcript.

Understanding Progress Tasks in Stenovate

  • Reporting - When the testimony is written by stenography or voice writing

  • Scoping - The editing process of correcting mistranslated words, adding missing words, adjusting punctuation, etc.

  • Proofing - A final read of the transcript to correct anything that may have been inadvertently missed during the scoping process.

  • Review - This process may look different for each court reporter depending on if they use scopists(s), proofreader(s), or both. Here are some of the tasks that get done during Review:

    • Reviewing a scopist's scan-stops and comments within hidden text.

    • Adding corrections from PDF proofreading

    • Finalizing title and certification pages, errata sheets, etc.

    • Indexing

    • Invoice and other potentially associated paperwork (Job Sheet, etc.)

NOTE: The Review Due Date is meant to be synonymous with Client Due Date, meaning that the review date should represent went the transcript needs to be delivered to the client (attorney or agency).

3. Slide the Progress Slider

Use the progress slider (purple dot) to update a task's progress by simply clicking and holding the purple dot and sliding right or left to update the page number completed for that task.


Reporting Task (Completing the Task)

After a reporter has finished reporting a deposition, they add the transcript to Stenovate. They can click and drag the slider all the way to the right, which will now show the reporting task as complete.

Notice how the status changes from New to Ready for Scoping.

Scoping Task (Updating Progress)

Once a scopist has completed any amount of pages, they can update the scoping task by dragging the slider to the number of completed pages, which will automatically inform the court reporter of the scoping progress.

Notice how the status changes from Ready for Scoping to Scoping in Progress!

All task (Reporting, Scoping, Proofing, and Review ) sliders work the same, and all teammates are notified when any teammate slides a slider, keeping everyone informed.

4. Use the Progress Dropdown Menu

As an alternative to the slider, you can use the dropdown menu in the Status column to update the overall status of a transcript, which will also inform teammates that a task has been updated or completed.

5. Update Due Dates

Just like from the face of a Transcript Card in the My Work page, you can also update any due date directly from the Transcript Progress box within any transcript workspace. Just click a due date to open the date & time picker. Select the date or update the time, and click outside of the picker to close the calendar and save your new due date & time.

6. Mark Transcript Complete

A transcript is officially marked complete when the Review task is complete. You can accomplish marking an entire transcript (all tasks) complete by a few methods:

  • Slide the Review task slider all the way to the right.

  • Use the Review task dropdown status menu, and mark as "Done."

  • Use the Mark Complete button in the top right of the Transcript Progress box.

Marking Review Task as complete using the slider or the dropdown will not update all other tasks, but it will change the overall transcript status to Complete. However, the Mark Transcript Complete button will update all sliders and status dropdowns automatically.

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