Creating Unit Types

Unit Types are the storage options you want to sell to customers, learn how to create them.

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Unit Types are like products you'd see on other online stores, except storage-specific. You'll likely have several Units, with multiple of each Unit Type you offer. For example, a 50 sq ft indoor unit, or a 20ft outdoor container.

This guide explains how to set them up.

How to create a Unit Type

Visit your Site, select the Unit Types Tab, and press +Unit Type in the top right.

You can also Edit existing unit types by selecting the Edit button next to the unit type.

Naming Unit Types

We suggest naming it according to its size, eg. 12 sq ft.

You must next add its width, length and height. Stora uses these to provide you with Analytics on your occupancy and to inform customers about exact dimensions.

You'll also need to provide a short description of the size (eg. the size of a single garage).

Selling points

These can be anything that you feel stands out about the units. It can be specific to the type you are creating or general to all the units. Examples of this are; 24hr CCTV security; on the ground floor; 50% off for the first 2 months.

The selling points will appear alongside the units on your Storefront.

Unit Type Price

You will be asked to specify the price of the unit type per month. Prices can be shown with or without VAT. Learn how to set up your VAT approach of choice.

The price of a Unit Type can be changed at anytime, with a record of every historical price kept too!

Storefront Promotion

You can optionally apply a Storefront Promotion which will discount a period of time for this Unit Type when booked from your website. For example 50% off for first month.


You can use the Stora Image Library to select images for your unit types. Simply download the applicable images and upload the relevant image to the relevant unit size.


Insurance sales can be turned on or off per Unit Type depending on your preference, and you can set a minimum amount of coverage per Unit Type too.

When you are happy, select 'Create unit type' at the bottom of the page. You will then be directed to your 'Site' page where you can see a list of all your unit types.

Storefront status

Lastly, you can define how this Unit Type will work on your Storefront:

  1. Bookable - Ready and available to book

  2. Collect leads - Only available for enquiries (useful if you're sold out)

  3. Hidden - Not shown on Storefront

That's it! You can add as many Unit Types as you wish and can edit them at any time.

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