There are a few reasons why your employee's claim may not be showing up on your employer's reimbursement statement. It's always a good idea for them check their member portal to see if there is any information in there from our compliance team, as well! Here are a few things that may be happening:

  1. They have not yet uploaded proof of coverage. We need proof of their compliant health insurance coverage in order to approve their claims for reimbursement. They can upload proof of coverage in their member portal- here's an article we wrote explaining how to do that.

  2. Their proof of coverage is noncompliant. The proof of health insurance coverage they submitted may show that their plans is not compliant with your HRA, or our compliance team may require some additional information to approve it. If this is the case, they'll see a note from our compliance team in their member portal about what else is needed or how to get it approved.

  3. Their proof of coverage is expired. If you requested for us to verify your employees' compliant coverage on a quarterly basis, their proof of coverage may need to be updated to show they are still covered under their health insurance plan before they can get reimbursed! Here's a help article explaining how quarterly compliance works.

  4. They haven't uploaded any claims for reimbursement. In order to be reimbursed, they must upload a claim, and our compliance team must approve it. They can upload a recurring premium claim or a one-time medical expense claim in their member portal.

  5. Their reimbursement claim was declined. If their reimbursement claim was declined by our compliance team, they can also see more information about why it was declined in their member portal! The claim won't show on your reimbursement statement until it's approved.

If you've checked all of these and still are concerned about their reimbursement showing as $0 on your reimbursement statement, you can chat us anytime and we'll be happy to look into it for you!

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