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Getting Started Guide - Accountant
Getting Started Guide - Accountant

One minute of set up, and you are all set.

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Welcome to Taxbotic! Streamline your T1 prep workflow and eliminate the back and forth for client information! In this guide, we show you how to get started and what you can do in your Taxbotic account. Drum roll!

1) Enter your account information

Once you signup on to Taxbotic, we ask you to enter general information about you and your firm. It is vital that you enter this information completely as we use this information to identify you in front of your clients. This will take you less than a minute and you are all set. Don’t worry, we won’t share any personal information with your clients! We recommend you also upload your logo as it will make you stand out in front of your clients.

2) Invite your team

Inviting your team will help create accountability and foster team collaboration. With your team in Taxbotic, you will be able to assign a particular preparer to a tax return. They can then see all tax information and interact with clients independently of the main Taxbotic account (admin account – this is the account with which you first sign up on Taxbotic).

Here is how you can add a team member.

3) Add client returns

Adding your clients to Taxbotic cannot be any easier. All you need is your client’s name and email address.

Here is how you can add client returns.

4) Send client invitations

Review the client information that you have entered.

Here is how you can send client return invitations.

5) Accessing client tax information

When your client uploads all the information, the tax summary tab in the client window becomes active. You can navigate through the questionnaire and documents for different income types and start preparing the tax returns. Note that this information will be available in the admin account and in the account of the team member assigned to the client. Both accounts can concurrently work on the client's return.

Here is how you can view client information.

6) Finalize Tax returns

When you have finalized the tax return, you can use the finalize tab to upload the completed tax return, e-filing confirmation, and enclosure letter (if you have any) along with any amounts that you want to report (Net taxable income, Total Amount Due and Total refund) to your clients. Once you click send to the client, we will let your client know about it and they can view their finalized tax return on their client portal.

Here is how you can finalize tax returns.

9) Subscriptions

All your subscriptions can be managed via the billing tab. You can also add tax returns to your account via this tab.

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