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App config: How do I hide or edit areas of the app

Did you know that you can hide certain areas of daily records, edit learning story headings and manage how parents receive notifications?

Updated over a week ago

The teachers > app configuration section enables you to configure the following areas of the TeachKloud: Childcare App: Daily records, learning story, food menu and notifications.

Daily Records: untick any areas you wish to hide in the DR section. The specific Daily Record will still show in the App but the specific options deselected will not show when the relevant Daily Record is selected.

Learning Story: Edit or remove any headings in the learning story to meet the needs of your children

Food Menu: Add food menu's and link to relevant days for easy staff recording

Notifications: Decide if parents should receive real-time notifications every time something is shared with them or if they should receive a one-time summary notification at the end of the day.

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