Tenet Business Loan Program Overview
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Note: Unfortunately, we have paused Business Loans due to high volume. We are still doing Personal Vehicle Sharing Loans if you still would like to proceed. But for the time being, Business Loans has been paused.

Please fill in your info on The Waitlist if you would like to be notified once we resume Business Loans.

And you would also have the option for Business Refinancing once we resume as well.

Tenet's Business Loan Program makes it easy for vehicle sharing hosts to expand their EV fleets! Business Loans that are financed through your Company, rather than personal credit. Details below:

Note: You can still Register & Title a Vehicle under your Business on a Personal Loan with Tenet. But the loan would be reported on your Personal Credit on a Personal Loan.

How to apply for a Tenet Vehicle Sharing Business Loan?

  1. Apply: Proceed to https://tenet.com/business/ and click “Apply via Your Business".

  2. Verifications: If pre-approved, fill out the Tenet Business Financing Form.


  • Must be a vehicle sharing business (for example, listing the financed vehicle on Turo or Getaround), and the business must generate its income only from these activities.

  • Must be an incorporated business (typically LLC, Corp., or S Corp).

  • You must be willing to provide a Personal Guarantee, a legal promise to repay credit issued to a business for which you serve as an executive or partner.

  • FICO Score Requirements for the Personal Guarantor.

  • For Hosts with 10 or more Vehicles:

How does the Business Loan reflect on my credit and vehicle title?

  • Two contracts to be signed.

    • Loan contract in the name of the business with your personal signature.

    • Personal Guaranty contract.

  • Tenet only requires a Personal Soft Credit Check to base your offer on.

  • The business name will be listed on the Title.

  • You must maintain commercial vehicle insurance on the vehicle (via a provider like Lula).

  • You as the Personal Guarantor are only personally responsible in the case of a default.

How many vehicles can be purchased at a time?

  • Small Hosts: For hosts with less than 10 vehicles in your fleet, you can purchase one car on your business credit each month. Subsequent cars can be purchased once you have shown us utilization of previously Tenet-Financed vehicles.

    • If Vehicles already meet The Utilization requirements we can Refinance up to 6! Vehicles per month.

  • Established Hosts: For hosts with more than 10 vehicles in your fleet, you can purchase up to 10! vehicles per month with Tenet as long as they stay below $500,000 in total funding for the month, once your business financials are successfully reviewed.

What rates and terms do you offer for Vehicle Sharing Business Loans?

  • Rates (APR) range from 9.84% to 15.75% as of October 20th, 2023.

  • The maximum term length is 84 months.

Do I have to provide a Personal Guarantee?

Yes, you must be willing to provide a Personal Guarantee, a legal promise to repay credit issued to a business for which you serve as an executive or partner.

What supporting documents are necessary to confirm the Vehicle Sharing Business Loan?

  • Driver’s License Front + Back & ID Verification.

  • Vehicle commercial insurance policy.

  • Verification of any additional W2 or business income, outside of vehicle sharing business.

    • W2 Income: Last month’s pay stubs.

    • Business Income: Prior year's 1040 + business P&L.

  • Business revenue verification, including 6 months of revenue history (Last year's Business Tax Documents, (If last year is unavailable, provide proof of extension, and the latest yearly business tax docs) And current year's Profit & Loss Statements, as well as prior years.

  • Revenue and utilization history for any previously Tenet-financed vehicles

  • Vehicle purchase agreement or payoff quote.

  • If purchased from a dealer, additional documents from the dealer including dealer license, odometer statement, vehicle history report, bookout, and dealer wiring instructions.

  • For Hosts with 10 or more Vehicles:

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