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πŸš™ Our roadmap for 2024
πŸš™ Our roadmap for 2024

This article describes the Timerise roadmap for 2024.

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Get excited for our new product updates coming this year!


βœ… API v2.
A set of many refinements to current features alone with stabilization improvements.

βœ… Infrastructure

Infrastructure optimization for scalability.


βœ… Sets of dates in events

Possibility to create sets of dates within one event. This allows to book events that have multiple dates. Great for scheduling and selling courses.

βœ… More white-label options

Including white-labeling the sender name and email domain of the email notifications.


🚧 Ecommerce component

The new Products section will open up the possibility of upselling additional services/products within the booking process making Timerise a great marketplace solution.

🚧 Booking page 2.0

New look&feel of the default booking pages putting more emphasis on making the services more appealing.


Assign bookings evenly among available hosts or assets.

Book multiple time slots, dates and events in one process using our booking pages.

Home 2.0

New look&feel of Home section in the app giving a better overview of your project.


Recurring appointments

Scheduling or booking a series of appointments that occur regularly and repeatedly over a specified period.

Location, hosts and assets switcher

Choose the location, hosts, and assets on one booking page.

Microsoft 365 Calendar - 2-way integration

Seamlessly synchronize bookings and schedules in real-time between Timerise and Microsoft 365 Calendar, ensuring up-to-date availability and efficient management of appointments​​​​.

Open Source Next.js Booking App

Highly customizable and easily integratable booking pages that can be tailored to specific business needs, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency​​​​​​.



The Zapier integration allows users to connect their accounts with other services and create automated workflows with ease. It offers a wide variety of triggers and actions so you can save time and get work done faster.

WhatsApp integration

Ability to book WhatsApp interface to book appointments.

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