Why are my orders being rejected?
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If your orders are being rejected, you're in the right place. This article addresses the most common reasons your orders might be rejected. There's a brief description of each reason on this page, but we recommend clicking the links to see the full details for each possible reason you may see rejected orders.

  1. Not trading the Front Month: Topstep traders are required to trade the front month, so double-check that your symbol is correct if your orders are being rejected, especially if the error message has to do with the specific product you're trading.

  2. Hit the Daily Loss Limit: Hitting your Daily Loss Limit means that you'll be auto-liquidated, and orders will be rejected for the remainder of that trading day. You'll be able to trade in the account again once the markets reopen. We recommend using your Practice Account until then.

  3. Hit the Maximum Loss Limit: Hitting your Maximum Loss Limit means that you've broken a rule in your account. This means that the account will be auto-liquidated and orders will be rejected for the remainder of that trading day. When you hit your Maximum Loss Limit, the account will either be ineligible or closed depending on whether it's a Trading Combine or Funded Account.

  4. Trading outside permitted hours: Attempting to trade outside of Topstep's permitted trading hours can result in a rejected order.

  5. Exceeded maximum position size: Attempting to trade too many contracts that will exceed your maximum position size can cause your order to be rejected --- micros and minis are currently considered the same size lots in our program.

  6. Inactive subscription status: If your subscription was turned off or set to cancel, you might have an inactive subscription status. If this happens, you may see rejected orders or error messages due to not having an active Trading Combine subscription.

  7. Incomplete platform connection: Double-check that your platform connection is set up correctly when encountering a rejected order. If your platform connection is incomplete, this may be what's causing your issue. Keep in mind that if you've already completed your initial platform connection, you may need to redo the steps from time to time, such as after a device or system update, so review your connection steps when encountering a rejected order.

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