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Platform Connection Instructions
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Need help getting connected to your Trading Platform? You're in the right place! Full details and screenshots are included on each page to help you connect quickly and easily.

  • If you purchased a Reset or Trading Combine during the 3:10 PM-5 PM CST timeframe, please wait until after 6 PM CST for your account to be available. Trade Reports are processed between 3:10 PM and 5 PM CST, and any purchases made during this time may experience a delay in account creation.

  • Certain platforms are not compatible with mobile devices or Mac/iOS, so please double-check the device compatibility details prior to placing your first trade here: List of Supported Platforms

Platform Connection Steps

To connect to your trading platform, click on your selected platform below and follow the steps line by line to complete the platform connection. It's important to follow the connection instructions exactly, otherwise, your connection might be unsuccessful.

Recommended Platforms

Additional Platforms

Can I switch Trading Platforms?

If you decide you want to switch platforms after starting your Trading Combine, we have a few options for you:

  • If you've selected a platform on the Rithmic Data Feed, then you can connect to any other platform on the Rithmic Data Feed by following that platform's connection instructions. (Data Feed details for each platform are here: List of Supported Platforms.)

  • If you want to switch to a platform that uses a different data feed, this will require a new Trading Combine. Multiple Trading Combines are permitted, so it's up to you to keep or cancel your original subscription. Log in to your existing Topstep account and click "Start a New Combine" to purchase a new Trading Combine with your desired platform. (Do not create a new Topstep profile)

  • If you want to switch platforms for a Trading Combine with no trading activity, please contact our support team, and we will do our best to facilitate the switch.

Learn more about switching platforms here: Can I switch my platform or account size?

Additional Trading Platform Resources

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