What is Topstep?
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What is Topstep?

Topstep is the industry-leading futures prop trading firm that focuses on teaching you how to become a funded futures trader with our proprietary technology, the Trading Combine®.

What is the Trading Combine?

The Trading Combine is a real-time, simulated evaluation of your trading performance, and it is built for you to demonstrate that you can manage risk and that our capital is safe in your hands. The Trading Combine is designed to ensure consistency and to help you achieve the ultimate goal of trading in a Funded Account with Topstep. There is only one step in our Trading Combine.

If you meet the objectives of your Trading Combine without breaking the rule, you will earn an Express Funded Account where you can start taking Payouts from your trading!

How do I earn funding and make money with Topstep?

The first step to getting started and earning a Funded Account with Topstep is to enter the Trading Combine.

  • Topstep gives you the chance to engage in the financial markets through Futures trading! You have the chance to take Payouts with Topstep by passing the Trading Combine and becoming a Topstep Funded Trader.

  • Once you've passed the Trading Combine and opened your Express Funded Account, you can start requesting regular Payouts based on our simple Payout Policy.

Learn more about your journey to becoming a Topstep Funded Trader here!

Where can I learn more about Topstep and connect with other traders?

Do you have questions about the Trading Combine, the path to earning a Funded Account, or your membership? Join our Topstep Discord Community, search our detailed Help Center, or chat with our chatbot Windy 24/7. You can also check our status page for ongoing updates: Topstep Status Page.

Do you give trading advice and can you teach me how to trade? What resources and learning materials are available?

Many traders ask if we give trading advice, teach new traders how to trade, or are curious about the resources we have to help them learn, improve, and grow as traders. Topstep is here to support you at every stage in your journey, whether you're new to trading, new to Futures, or are an experienced trader. Click the links below to take a look at our available resources and learning materials.

How do I pay and get started?

  • ​To get started and pay for the Trading Combine (sometimes called our evaluation or test), you'll need to create an account with Topstep, choose your account size and trading platform, and enter your payment information to start your monthly subscription.

  • From there, you'll receive an email with your account credentials and platform connection steps. Learn more about getting started with Topstep here.

The Trading Combine is a monthly subscription that will automatically bill you each month until you earn funding or cancel.

Tip: If you're already a member of Topstep and have a past-due rebill payment or want to add a new payment method, you can access your billing page here, or visit My Profile → Billing → Make a Payment, then choose the payment method from the list or enter a new form of payment. You will need to make sure the information you entered is correct for that form of payment, including the zip code.

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