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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions related to the tracking page.

1. How to remove the carrier information on the tracking page?

💡You can remove the carrier info in Track123 > tracking page > customize.

2. Why my tracking page URL/tracking page link doesn't work?

💡Hi, Your default tracking page link was

You can see and preview your tracking page URL in Track123 > tracking page. If you modified the URL within Track123 but didn't update the corresponding link in Shopify, it could result in this "page not found" error.

To resolve this, please ensure that you've synchronized the changes in both the URL in Track123 and the Apoxy app URL, to ensure that the link is correctly updated.

Please click on the three-dot icon > Edit URL. Click on the app Proxy URL, and you will be redirected to the page where you can change the app proxy URL.

3. I want to change the language on my tracking page.

💡The tracking page supports being in another language(e.g. German). please check if you have published German in your store.

You can check it in Shopify > Settings > languages > Published languages

If you have published German, then the app will auto-select German as your tracking page language.

4. How to translate the shipping details into other languages?

💡As the app gets shipping info from the carrier's website, sometimes they only provide the shipping details in English. we understand you want to change the language of shipping details, we offer two ways to achieve this:

The first way is Automatic Translation: This feature will automatically translate the shipping details into the language your customers prefer. You can enable our automatic translation feature in Track123 > Page editor > Translation. This feature will be available on our advanced plans, which start at 49USD per month.

Here is what it looks like after you enable this feature.


The second way is to add the translation widget to your tracking page. you can enable the translate widget on your tracking page in Track123 > Page editor > Display options

Questions related to email notification

1. How does my customer get a tracking number?

💡Your customers will receive shipping confirmation emails after you fulfill the order, which contains the tracking numbers.

You can preview the email in Shopify > Settings > Notifications > Shipping

2. How to redirect customers to my tracking page instead of the carrier's website when they click the tracking link?

💡Visit here to link your Shopify email to your Track123 tracking page.

3. Why does the tracking link redirect my customer to the 17track/track718 link?

💡The reason that your tracking link is from 17track/track718 is that the fulfillment platform you use has access to edit the tracking URL. They changed and replaced our link. Let me explain the entire process:

Within two to three seconds of the tracking number being uploaded, Track123 updates the tracking link to your store's tracking page. However, you've also granted MabangErp3 or another app permission to modify the tracking link. It's possible that some update triggered them to change the link and send a shipping update email.

You can check this in the timeline of the orders.

Given that I'm a third-party app, we don't have the access to interfere with the fulfillment platform actions. I recommend reaching out to the fulfillment platform for help and considering whether to disable their access to modify links.

4. Can I turn off the shipping confirmation email?

💡If you are in the basic Shopify plan, Shopify does not allow you to turn off the Shipping Confirmation email, but it does allow you to turn off the Out for Delivery and Delivered emails.

you can turn off them in Shopify > Settings > Notifications > Shipping

Questions related to order status & order tracking.

1. It says "can not find order" when I track the order on my tracking page. (I am new to track123)

💡Please note that you can only track the orders synced to the app on the tracking page.

For example, If you want to track the tracking numbers 78016916 or 78017136 with Track123, please ensure that these tracking numbers have been uploaded to Shopify and track123 will auto-sync the tracking number.

By default, we will only sync your last 14 day's orders. Sometimes you may need to sync the orders in the past. Therefore, we provide up to 60 days of order history synchronization.

2. How to sync my old orders?

💡You can sync your order in Track123 > orders > Sync orders.

3. Why some orders are not synced to the app?

💡Please check if the product needs to be shipped. If the orders are not required to be shipped, then these orders won't be synced to the app since they are not necessary to be tracked.

4. It says "can not find order" when I track the order on my tracking page. (I have upgraded my plan and got more quota)

💡Track123 can only track orders that have been synchronized with your Track123 account. If the order has not been synchronized, it will show "can not find order" when you try to track it.

Generally, Track123 automatically synchronizes orders from your store. However, if your quota was exhausted in the past, Track123 stopped synchronizing orders. Once you upgrade your plan to get more quota, track123 will auto-sync the orders of the last 7 days. you need to manually click the "Sync" button to synchronize your other orders again.

5. Why are my orders in pending status? (I don't have tracking numbers for my orders)

💡As Track123 updates the status based on the tracking number. it appears that the reason for this is that Track123 has not yet received the tracking number for your order from Shopify.

Please upload the tracking number of your order in Shopify by following this article:

or you can use other tools to automatically upload the tracking number to Shopify.

Once you upload the tracking number. Track123 will auto-sync the tracking number, update your order status, and provide you with the most up-to-date tracking information.

6. How to get the tracking number?

💡Generally, you need to obtain the tracking numbers from either the carrier or the fulfillment platform that you're using.

You can upload the tracking number of your order in Shopify..(or you can use other tools to upload the tracking number to Shopify automatically)

Once you upload the tracking number. Track123 will auto-sync the tracking number, update your order status, and provide you with the most up-to-date tracking information.

Questions related to carrier

1. What carrier does track123 support?

💡Track123 has integrated with 1500+ carriers. check this link to know the carrier we support!

Questions related to price

Is it track123 free?

💡Track123 provides a free plan and a paid plan which starts on 9$ per month. the free plan has 100 quota per month and all basic features.


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