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Initial Setup Guide
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to Track123, the go-to solution for seamless order tracking on your Shopify store! 🛒 With Track123, you can easily keep your customers informed about their order status and provide a top-notch shopping experience.

Step 1: Build your tracking page.

You will create a dedicated tracking page for your Shopify store in this step. This tracking page will be where customers can track their orders. Your default tracking page link is

💡Visit here to add your tracking page to your store.

Step 2: Link Your Shopify Emails to Your Tracking Page

In this step, we'll guide you on linking your shipping notification emails to direct customers to the tracking page. Your customers will be redirected to your tracking page when they click the tracking number in the email.

💡Visit here to link your Shopify Emails to Your Tracking Page.

Step 3: Set the carrier

In this step, you will set the carriers you use. This information is crucial for accurate carrier matching. Make sure to provide the correct carriers to ensure seamless tracking of orders.

💡Visit here to link to set the carriers you use.

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