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What suppliers are supported by the Booking Import Method and PUSH Method?
What suppliers are supported by the Booking Import Method and PUSH Method?

Please see below for a list of suppliers supported by Travefy's Booking Import Method

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Click on any of the suppliers below for how to import bookings from that supplier!

Suppliers supported by the Booking Import Method:

Suppliers supported by our PUSH Method:

  • Avanti*

  • TravelPro365 (Coastline Travel Group)

*We’re planning to offer more suppliers in the future, tell us who you want to integrate with by emailing us at!


  • GOGO: You will need to set up your WWT account with GOGO Vacations to access WWT credentials. If you have GOGO Vacations credentials, your WWT credentials will be different and can’t be used for WWT. Reach out to WWT for your credentials. Send a request to WWT at Include your agency name – your name –  e-mail address and IATA number.  Once you send this to WWT, WWT will confirm with you your credentials.)

  • Expedia TAAP: The Expedia TAAP integration only supports flights, hotels and car rentals. It also does not support any bundle / packages that include cars, however it does support individual car reservations. Click here to view how to import a booking from Expedia TAAP.

  • Avanti: Avanti is supported by our PUSH Method. Meaning Avanti Destinations Itineraries can be exported directly from Avanti's Agent Portal to your Travefy account. 

  • ALG: Follow the steps in this article: Getting Started with the ALG Vacations Integration

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