How to Set Up Space Reservations

set up space reservations such as courts, fields, batting cages, etc.

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You can set up space reservations (such as courts, fields, batting cages, etc.) using either the class schedule or appointments.

When to use the Class Schedule vs Appointments:

  • You should use the Class schedule if reservations must be made during set blocks of time or if multiple people can reserve the same space at one time.

  • Appointments should be used if the reservation can be made at any point during a window of availability (for example, the basketball court can be booked for one hour at any time between 9-5 pm).

Using the Class Schedule for space reservations:

Step 1: Create class types for each of the spaces you have available for reservations (Schedule/Classes > Class Types).

Pro Tip: If you charge a drop-in rate for space rentals that are different than your class drop-in rates (set under Edit Affiliate Info), then enter the amount under "Online Signup Drop-In Fee Override."

Step 2 (optional): Create a schedule type for the reservations! This is helpful if you also run group classes or different types of reservations through the class schedule.

Step 3: Add the "classes" to your schedule (Schedule/Classes > Add Class). Make sure to enable drop-ins and select the correct schedule for the reservations to display on.

Using the Appointments for space reservations:

Step One: Create the spaces available for rent as staff members (i.e. Batting Cage 1, Batting Cage 2). Make sure to give it at least coach level access!

Don't know how to add a staff member? Check it out here.

Step Two: Set the availability for each "staff member" under Appointments > Staff Availability.

Step Three: Set up Appointment Types! Keep the name of these appointment types general (i.e. "Basketball Court Rental" or "Batting Cage Reservation").

Step Four: Create appointment sessions for each appointment type (this is where you set the specific spaces available, how long they can be purchased for, etc). Make sure to list the space "staff" under "Select Staff Members" section!

In the above example, there are two sessions created for the Batting Cage Reservation - one 30 minute session, and one 60 minute session - both have Batting Cages 1 & 2 available for these appointment types. 

How do members book space and equipment rentals?

Go to Appointments > Booking URL/Links. Add them to your website or social media pages for members to book!

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