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Does TryNow work with subscriptions?
Updated over a week ago

Shoppers are able to check out with a mixed cart of TryNow and subscription items.

While Shopify's APIs don't directly support combining purchase options such as TryNow and subscriptions, this is an experience that is possible through custom code and will depend on the subscription app used.

How should I use TryNow if subscriptions are a large part of my business?

  • Option 1: add an option on your product detail page to allow shoppers to Try Before You Buy. This will be a one-time purchase option. Some companies will replace their Buy Now option altogether with TryNow, allowing their customers to choose between TryNow and subscribing.

  • Option 2: use TryLinks to gate access to Try Before You Buy. This allows you to show TryNow to specific audiences, such as retargeting, email marketing, SMS marketing, and more. Shoppers that enter through a TryLink will only see the TryNow purchase option.

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