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Entry Points: Inspiration Library Overview
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You can create TryNow entry points with TryLinks. TryLinks are the gateway to your Try Before You Buy program. Simply generate a TryLink within the Merchant Portal and integrate it into designated on-site and marketing channels. Track TryLink engagement seamlessly within your TryNow Merchant Portal, giving you complete visibility and control over your program's reach. Our platform gives you the freedom and flexibility to roll out gradually and expand to different use cases over time.


๐Ÿ’ก A quick tip from TryNow:

When incorporating Try Before You Buy into your marketing efforts or website, we advise against relying solely on terms like "free" or "try for $0." This language can attract shoppers with lower intent to purchase.

We highly recommend creating a dedicated landing page to educate customers about how the program works. Consider using more descriptive language that aligns with the benefits of the program and your brand, such as "Bring the Fitting Room Home" or "Try at home, only pay for what you keep."

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