What is a course voucher?

If you are on a Typsy Free for Business plan, you can purchase a course voucher for each of your members.

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On a Typsy Free for Business plan, you can choose to purchase course vouchers for your members. Each course voucher you purchase can be used by one person within your Typsy account.

For example, if you have 5 members within your account and you would like them all to complete the 'Front of house essentials' course, you would need to purchase 5 'Front of house essentials' course vouchers.

After purchasing your course vouchers, you can assign them as training to specific members within your account via the Assign training feature.

Typsy tip:

Did you know Typsy Premium for Business users don't need to use course vouchers? They can assign and watch any course from the entire Typsy library whenever they want!

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