Custom Fields

Further customize at the client level.

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Custom Fields are available in, this allows you to further customize your experience at the company level. This information may be internal only, or or may not transmit to your ERP. If you have questions, check with your admins or ask support.

If you would like Custom Fields added or removed, please contact us via in-app support or email

Each Custom Field:

  • Has a customizable name

  • Can’t be edited after post/transfer/export

Custom Field Entry Types

  • Free-form text like the "bill description" field

  • Drop-down list like "vendor" for pre-defined choices

Use Cases

Here are some common scenarios that companies are leveraging with this feature.
Internal Notes - Write notes to yourself or a colleague about a bill
Payment Method - How would the vendor like to be paid?
Payment Reference Number - For previously paid bills that only need coding, add a supporting reference number

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