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Why do I need to pay a commission
Why do I need to pay a commission
Discover why you as an organization need to pay a commission to Volunteer World.
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We get it! Transparency is a vital component of today's international volunteer community. This is why we created the following article to inform you in more detail about our commission. 

Volunteer World's commission is 15% of the volunteer program fee.

Why do social projects need to pay a commission?

Volunteer World aims to display all of its social projects the best way possible. With this purpose, we have developed an easy-to-use technical infrastructure that helps social projects to effectively advertise their volunteer programs on our platform and on our various social media platforms with a monthly reach of millions of people. Besides many other functions, we also offer direct support to the volunteer organizations through our live chat.

In order to maintain our platform and implement our different features for you, we need to cover our operational costs through the commission. 

Can we add the 15% commission on top of the usual fee?

Volunteers should not have any additional costs when they book through Volunteer World which is why it is not allowed put an additional 15% on top of the program fees. 

The prices displayed on Volunteer World need to be the same as on your direct website. The commission needs to be paid by the organization and not the volunteers - therefore the deposit is deducted automatically from the program fees. 

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