As online fraud increases, especially in the volunteering sector, it’s important for volunteers feel they have reached a reliable website. A trust badge helps your website to appear trustworthy to potential volunteers. 

Using badges is always a great opportunity to improve the conversion rate of your website and reach out to more volunteers all over the world.

Volunteer World's trust badge

To solve this issue, we created a trust badge to show interested volunteers that your organization is a trusted and reliable partner of Volunteer World. 

You can demonstrate our partnership by integrating your exclusive badge on your website. Installing the badge on your  website is easy and only takes a few minutes! You can choose between the review badge and the trust badge. On top of presenting your organization as a trustworthy partner, the review badge also shows your rating and the number of reviews you have received on Volunteer World.

Review badge

You need to have at least one quality checked volunteer program to get access to your review badge. You also need to have at least one verified volunteer review. If you use the code of the review badge for your website, the number of reviews and the rating will be automatically updated when a new review appears on Volunteer World. 

Trust badge

You need to have at least one quality checked volunteer program to get access to your trust badge.

How to integrate your Volunteer World's trusted partner badge on your website

  1. Log in to your account on Volunteer World and click on "Trust Elements" in the navigation bar. 

  2. Choose your preferred badge size (large, medium, small) and then copy and paste the code into the source code of your organization’s website.

The following is an example badge code: 

<iframe src="" style="border:none;" width="362" height="116"><p>View project reviews of Volunteer World GmbH on Volunteer World</p></iframe>

Please keep in mind that this is only an example! For your own trusted partner badge, it's necessary to copy your individual code. 

Our experience has shown us that these kind of badges are most effective when placed on your landing page and/or in the footer of your website.

Technical Support

Volunteer World offers technical support to help you implement the trust badge on your website. Simply contact us at or via live chat.

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