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There are several reasons why your actions/campaign might not be moving...

You've reached your daily quotas βŒ›

Daily quotas are reset on a rolling 24 hours period, you can check when they'll be reset by clicking on it from your queue section.

You are outside of your working hours πŸ•‘

Make sure your working hours are "currently active". It'll show a green button on top of your queue. If not, you will need to update your working hours from the Settings page!

You don't have your LinkedIn tab open πŸ’»

Or your computer turned on

You need to have a LinkedIn tab open and your computer must be left on for actions to run. This allows us to send requests from your account with the same IP address without putting your account at risk.

However, you don't need to keep a Waalaxy tab open (but make sure to have the extension active) πŸ˜‰

You've reached your LinkedIn weekly connect quotas πŸ›‘

We bypass this limit, but to do so, we need to retrieve the prospect's email (this happens about 50% of the time depending on the target) OR you'll need to send a connection request without note. For more details, read our article about daily quotas and LinkedIn restrictions.

So, simply empty your connection note if you want your connection requests to resume. If this still shows "in x hours" and your working hours are active, contact us on the chat!

You don't have any action queued 🎈

You can have prospects in your campaigns without having actions in your queue. This happens when your prospects are waiting for a condition (for instance, waiting for the acceptance of the connection request to go to the next step) or waiting for a delay (there is generally a delay of at least one day between actions if you have not modified this delay in the sequence).

When those conditions will be fulfilled, actions will be placed in the queue automatically.

However, if you want to continue to send actions when your queue is empty, you need to start a new campaign with new prospects or add more prospects into your current campaign.

You don't have the subscription required ❌

or your free trial has ended

If your actions are marked as "frozen", this means you need to upgrade. Check the difference between our subscriptions to choose the best one according to your needs!

An action might be stuck πŸ”„

If you're not in one of the situations described above, it's possible that an action might be stuck. This can happen sometimes, in this case, simply reload the extension as shown below and your actions should resume quickly.

Your campaign appears with a red dot πŸ”΄

Depending on the status of your leads in your campaigns, your campaigns will let appear a small round of different colour with the following meaning:

  • Red circle : you no longer have any open leads in this campaign.

βž™ The leads you have added in this campaign do not match with the chosen sequence.

Invitation : Sequences that start with this action are reserved for prospects who are not yet part of your network (Not connected status)

Message : This action is reserved for your 1st degree relations on LinkedIn (connected status)

Message request : This action allows you to contact prospects with whom you share a common Event or Group on LinkedIn, or who are "Open to Work". This is a fairly specific use case and you can find more details in this blog post

Leads who have already received a pending connection request (Status: Pending) are not actionable in a campaign until that invitation has been accepted.

  • Orange circle : you have leads in progress in this campaign but no action in the queue, so this means that the remaining leads in this campaign are waiting for a condition to move to the next step (for example a deadline or the lead accepting your connection request)

  • Green circle : you have actions queued for this campaign.

If eventually, you don't find yourself in one of these situations, contact the client support saying you already checked this article!

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