As an administrator, you can publish a list of assignments into the Explore section, for all other teachers in your school or district to find. 'My District' makes it easier to keep teachers organized in a school or district - around the same set of assignments or assessments.

The 'My District' page is useful for schools and districts that are:

  • Managing shared curriculum and resources during times of virtual learning.
  • Creating a more uniform, aligned writing program, where districts are moving together through a shared set of assignments and assessments.
  • Investing in OER curriculum development, where a customized set of assignments and assessments need to be shared across a school or district.

Note: Having a shared set of assignments or assessments vastly improves vertical alignment, teacher confidence, and student growth. Writable customer success can help you prepare and publish assignments into 'My District'. Set up a planning meeting.

When does the 'My District' section appear in Explore?

The 'My District' section appears in Explore when assignments or assessments have been shared by an admin on your Writable license (note: trial users do not have access to this feature; please contact us to turn your trial licenses into a school or district-wide pilot license).


How do I publish an assignment or assessment into 'My District'?

1. As soon as you are ready to publish an assignment/assessment to 'My District', you will add it to a 'Collection' folder. (Note: Follow these directions to create an assessment or assignment.)

2. Select 'My Collections.'

3. Select '+ Collection,' add a name to the collection and select the assignment you would like to create as a shared assessment. Then click 'Create.'

4. Click on the 'Arrow' select the grade level(s), genre, and write a description then select 'Publish'.

How do teachers copy 'My District' assignments or assessments into their accounts?

1. Once assignments or assessments are published by a license administrator, teachers in your domain will then see the 'My District' page in Explore, like this:


2. Teachers can click 'Copy Assignment' for a District Assignment and make edits to it in their own accounts.


Alternately, teachers can click click 'Join Assessment' for a District Assessment to add the assessment to their 'My Assignments' page. District Assessments cannot be edited by the teacher; these are more suitable for common writing or reading benchmark assessments.


Note: Assigning assignments and shared assessments found in 'My District' is the same as in other parts of Writable. Read about how teachers can assign an assignment or how administrators can create a shared assessment.

How do I unpublish an assignment or assessment from 'My District'?

1. Starting in 'My Assignments', click on 'My Collections' and find the collection with the assignment(s) or assessment(s) that you want to remove from the list in 'My District'.

2. Click on the arrow, then 'Unpublish from District'.

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