What is a Shared Assessment in Writable?

Shared assessments in Writable allow a school or district administrator to create and share an assessment with teachers in their school/district. These assessments have features that make them different from other shared assignments in the app and can help streamline the assessment process.

What are the Benefits of Using a Shared Assessment?

Shared assessments can only be edited by the owner which ensures all teachers are using the district approved content/rubrics. Shared assessments prevent version control issues that arise when administrators want to make changes to an assessment that’s already been shared. Shared Assessment features include:

  • Assessment Settings: Shared assessments are used to ensure that all students are given the same assignment. Teachers using a shared assessment cannot edit the assignment. As teachers give out the assessment and students complete it, stats for both completion and performance are added to the tracking.
  • Progress Check: See how many teachers have assigned the assessment, how many classes and students they’ve assigned it to, and what percent have completed the assessment.
  • View Report: See how students are performing across all classes, by the teacher, or by the individual student. You can also sort your data by standard, skill, or category. (Read more about Reports here.)
  • Get Share Link: Send a link to other teachers or admins on your team via email.
  • Team Grade: See how teachers are grading and how many submissions have been graded by enabling Team Grade. Click to learn more about Team Grading.

Steps to Create a Shared Assessment

Before you get started: make sure you’re an administrator for your school or district Writable license. Then, do the following:

1. Create your assessment or use one of our existing assessments and edit it to fit your needs. (Read more about customizing existing assignments and creating assignments.)

2. Find and click on the assignment you want to turn into an assessment under 'My Assignments'.

3. Click 'More'.

4. Click 'Create Assessment'.

5. Check the assignment settings you wish to apply for all assessment users.

Option 1: Share Directly with Teachers

  1. There are several methods to find users you would like to share the assessment with. (search by name, select a school, and the individual users of the school or 'Select All' to share with all of the teachers on your license.) Note: Use the blue drop-down arrow to expand the list of teacher names.

2. Click 'Create'.

3. Now, the shared assessments will be listed under 'All Assignments' as well as the 'Inactive Assignments' on the teacher's 'My Assignments' page.

4. Teachers have the ability to copy the assessment link to share directly with students using the 'Share Link' option.

Additionally, the 'Assign' option to push assessment to students:

Option 2: Share Using My District

  1. Select 'My Collections.'

2. Select '+ Collection,' add a name to the collection and select the assignment you would like to create as a shared assessment. Then click 'Create.'

3. Find and click on the assignment you want to turn into an assessment from 'My Collections'.

4. Click 'More'.

5. Click 'Create Assessment'.

6. Check the assignment settings you wish to apply for all assessment users. Check the assignment settings you wish to apply for all assessment users.

7. Select Create. (skip assigning to users)

8. Return to 'My Collections' and find the assessment, then click on the arrow.

9. Select the grade bands and genre, and add a description, then click 'Publish'.

10. Share these directions with teachers on accessing from 'My District.'

Please email support@writable.com with any questions you have about setting up a school or district assessment in Writable. Note: If you’re not sure you’ve set up your assessments correctly, we can help you with that but please reach out before students begin to work on them, otherwise changes may not be possible.

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