1. In 'My Assignments' click the assignment you'd like to edit.

2. Click 'Edit'.

3. Click the 'Prompt text will appear here...' button.

3. Click 'Duplicate' to copy the prompt you'd like to add starters.
Want all students to see sentence starters? Skip to step 4!

4. Click 'Edit' on the prompt you want to scaffold.

5. Scroll down to find the 'Graphic Organizers & Starter Answers' section. Click 'Add Template'.

5. Next, click 'Write Sentence/Paragraph Starters'.

6. In the text box, write the scaffolding text you want students to see.

7. Click the 'Prompt Differentiation' section and choose a Level and a label for the level. Click 'Done'. Read more about Prompt Differentiation here.

8. Once you've created your differentiated prompt with sentence starters, find your assignment and click to assign.

9. Check the 'Assign with Differentiated Prompts' box. Click the 'here' link to edit which students will receive the differentiated prompt with additional scaffolds.

When choosing which students will see a prompt, hover to view your label or click the 'Level #' to preview the prompt. Click 'Save' to save changes and finish assigning.

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