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How do I access and use Spanish Rubrics in an assignment?
How do I access and use Spanish Rubrics in an assignment?

Find and setup your assignment with Spanish Rubrics.

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Writable offers all rubrics with Spanish translations, which you can customize, and add to any assignment to support students. Rubrics will contain all statements, performance levels, and comment stems in Spanish. Rubrics will also show in Spanish for students, while grading, and during peer review.

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Access Spanish Rubrics in the Rubric Explorer

1. The Rubric Explorer may be accessed several ways in Writable while creating or customizing your assignments. You may explore rubrics by creating a new assignment, adding a section to an assignment, replacing a rubric in an existing assignment, or in My Rubrics. To access the rubric explorer, navigate to My Assignments, click My Rubrics, then click Explore Rubrics.

2. Use the rubric filters shown in the top left to View Rubric Items in Spanish. Once selected you can continue to browse by grade level, and skill area and view all rubrics checklists in Spanish for each rubric. To save the rubric to later customize or add to an assignment, click to "Copy and Edit this Rubric."

3. Alternatively, if accessing the rubric explorer while creating or customizing an assignment, click "Use Rubric" to add to your assignment.

Configure an Assignment to Use Spanish Rubrics

1. To use Spanish Rubrics, you may need to configure your prompt language in your assignment. Find and copy an assignment, or create your own from the Explore tab. You can also add a rubric to an assignment using these directions. From the assign page, click Edit, to modify the assignment.

2. In the Prompt section, click the Pencil icon to edit the prompt.

3. In the Edit Prompt box, choose the Language option, and select Spanish from the dropdown menu. When finished, click Done.

4. You view the full Spanish rubric, performance levels, and comment stems by previewing the assignment as a reviewer.

5. If you need to view or edit Spanish rubric translations, scroll down to the Assignment Rubric and click one rubric checklist.

5. Click the Globe in the upper right corner to view Spanish translations for each rubric item. When viewing Spanish translation, you can edit or modify any of the rubric criteria. When finished, click Back to English, then Done.

Add Spanish Translations to Rubric Items

Using a custom rubric or creating your rubric items? Writable's Rubric Item Editor can now suggest Spanish translations for all aspects of the rubric item, including descriptions and proficiency levels.

  • When editing a rubric item, click "Display other languages" in the top right corner and choose a language.

  • Click "Suggest Translations" to view AI-generated translations based on the descriptions and proficiency levels. You can edit translations to suit your needs.

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