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Learn how to configure and connect your email with our simple step-by-step guide. Whether you use Google Workspace or Microsoft, we've got you covered. In the rare event that your email provider isn't listed, no need to worry โ€“ we've prepared an alternative solution just for you. Follow our instructions, and we'll guide you through the process with ease. Let's get started!

Intro step-by-step guide

  1. Make sure that you have the right email provider.

  2. Connect your business email. (Gmail or Microsoft/Outlook)

  3. Whenever you see a green checkmark, you're all set!

What email providers can I use?

You can find all our supported email providers below. The general rule is, if you can sign in with your work email on or, Zaplify supports your email.

Zaplify connects with the following email providers:

  • Google Workspace (formerly GSuite)

  • Office 365

  • Microsoft Exchange (excluding On-Premise solutions)

  • Outlook (Microsoft's free email accounts)

Zaplify does not connect with the following providers:

  • Gmail (Google's free email accounts)

  • Microsoft Exchange On-Premise

    • (Ask your IT department if you have the On-Premise version of Microsoft Exchange)

  • Custom mail solutions with Web hotels and Hosting services

    • (eg., Godaddy, Siteground, Sitegator, Crystone, Shopify, Wix, Loopia etc.)

  • IMAP/SMTP or POP ("Other" connections and Custom email providers or servers)

How can I use Zaplify if I don't have one of the listed providers?

Our recommendation is to either create a free Outlook-account and forward the emails from that account to your regular account, or to setup a new Domain with one of the listed providers. For example: if you currently own you could create a new domain with a different domain-suffix (eg. or Alternatively, you could create a domain with a slightly different name, like When you have setup the domain, you can easily signup for an account with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 in a few minutes. Lastly, you can forward your email from your new account to your old regular account so you don't miss any replies from prospects in your Zaplify campaigns.

Please consult these solutions with your IT-department and feel free to reach out to our team for further questions.

Why are you not allowing custom mail solutions with IMAP/SMTP and POP?

When talking about Email Authentication, there are mainly three protocols available:

  • OAuth2

  • IMAP and SMTP

  • POP

Zaplify uses the standardized OAuth2 Authentication Process offered by Microsofts and Googles native APIs, which is the most secure way to handle email authentication. This method allows you to authenticate your account with Zaplify, without having to share your password or other credentials with us. In other Applications where IMAP, SMTP or POP is used, the user is required to share its password with the 3rd party, which can expose the user to security risk.

Google users

  1. Create a campaign and go to workflow. Choose a template that contains email outreach.

  2. Click on the "Connect Gmail" button and follow the Gmail login flow.

    1. When walking through the flow, you will see the below screen asking for authenticating your Gmail account with Zaplify. On this screen, please make sure that all the required checkboxes are ticked (circled in red on the image below).

  3. You should now see that your email is connected

Microsoft/Outlook users

  1. Create a campaign and go to workflow. Choose a template that contains email outreach.

  2. Click on the "Connect Microsoft/Outlook" button and follow the Outlook login flow.

  3. You should now see that your email is connected

Now that you have configured your email it is time for the next step: Configure your LinkedIn!

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