ZayZoon encourages employee financial health by recommending that you wait for your Wages Available to build up before requesting a payout. This way you pay fewer fees and get the most out of each dollar you access. For this reason, you must have $20.00 or more in Wages Available to request a payout.

With that said, our customers are limited to one payout per day, a maximum of $200 per payout as a measure to mitigate risk for both ZayZoon and our customers. We want to make sure that you still have adequate wages remaining on your pay date!

For a detailed review of how much you can access today, please check the My Balance page on your ZayZoon account under Wages Available. There you will see the maximum amount you're able to access today.

If you'd like to know more financial tips & best practices, reach out to our Customer Success Team by Live Chat or Email and ask for their advisory opinion on any topic - we're happy to help!

Some of our helpful tips include:

  • Use ZayZoon's Financial Tools directly from your ZayZoon account under the Financial Wellness menu option here.

  • Reduce transaction fees by taking less payouts in the period. Our flat fee of $5.00 per transaction is a simple way to track how much you're spending on fees.

  • Avoid relying on ZayZoon for a large lump sum of money the day immediately after payday.

  • Don’t use your early wages for things you cannot afford with your normal paycheck.

  • Practice safe budgeting and visit for more information.

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