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How Do I Pay ZayZoon Back?
How Do I Pay ZayZoon Back?

How do I repay the money I access from ZayZoon? Can I make payment arrangements or an instalment plan?

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How Do I Repay the Money I Accessed from ZayZoon?

Repayment happens automatically! The payout amount you access plus the associated transaction fee are repaid by payroll deduction, which means the balance due is automatically taken off of your paycheck. *Usually you can expect the deduction to occur on the pay date that falls right after the payout request date.

Can I Make A Payment Arrangements or Installment Plan?

ZayZoon offers Earned Wage Access but not loans and therefore we cannot accommodate repayment or installment requests. However, if your account is Overdue, you may be able to repay the Overdue amount in partial or lump sum amounts.

You can reach out through our live chat for more information on the Overdue Repayment process.

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How do I make a manual repayment of my overdue balance?

Weekly Pay Cycle

If you are paid on a weekly pay cycle, you will not be able to make any manual repayments to an overdue balance. Please check back to your account after your next paycheck to confirm that the overdue balance was deducted.

Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, and Monthly Pay Cycle

To make a manual repayment on your ZayZoon account, your account must first be in Overdue status. Repayments are made in the ZayZoon app on your official pay date that is listed on your pay stub. Your account will go into overdue status the day of or the day after your official pay date.

Once your account is in Overdue status, you can log in, click on the Payout with the red "Overdue" button, and then click on "Repay". If you do not see the red "Overdue" button, try refreshing your app. If it is 24 hours past your pay date, please reach out to our Customer Care team so they can assist you further.

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