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Using Settings Templates for a Faster Workflow
Using Settings Templates for a Faster Workflow
Updated over a week ago

Getting used to the setup processes on every level within Zemanta is pretty straightforward. You always need to follow the orange button to create new entities, add and modify parameters for an entity within the right-sided settings window, and access these settings from the info box on each level.

Once you learn the basics, you need to add accounts, campaigns, ad groups, and ads manually. You probably need to create and add many of them and this can result in a lot of repetitive tasks and time-consuming work.

You will soon notice that the majority of the setup process is just repeating almost the same steps and slightly changing the settings.

As we want your workflows to be as coherent as possible to enable a simple and friendly user experience and to make your workflow faster and more reliable, we are introducing Settings Templates.

Settings Template Overview

With the Settings Template feature, you can assign specific settings to your entire Agency or a specific Account, allowing you to save precious time when setting up new ad groups.

Please note: Only newly created ad groups within the Agency or Account will inherit settings created in the Settings Template. Existing ad groups will keep their current targeting.

Where to find Settings Template

You can find Settings Template available in the Admin tab on the left hand-side of the dashboard:

Click "Edit" to open the Settings tab:

Settings Available in the Settings Template:

Use case:

Let’s say you start working in an agency that runs programmatic strategies for a brand that wants to address the Italian market only. Historically, you would need to create an Account, add a campaign, and then add a couple of different ad groups to the campaign. You would make sure to define the Location targeting option that includes Italy for each ad group manually by setting this option each time or cloning the firstly created ad group.

As you want Italy as the default location targeting setting for each Ad Group, you would now simply go back to the Admin tab. Here you will open up the Agency Settings Template, add the targeting option that includes Italy as the default and save it. Now, each time you add a new Ad Group, the default location targeting setting will automatically apply to each newly created child level.

In summary, you can set Settings Template on the Agency or Account level, and all new ad groups created will automatically inherit settings from the Settings Template. This way, you will ensure consistency and spend less time managing entities in Zemanta.

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