Partner Overview redesign

Partner Overview has been re-designed to centralize all the information you need in one place, offering an enhanced user experience.

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Available for all users on June 21, 2023

Note: some fields such as win rate & potential revenue by specific data set are only available to Pro and Power users. A lock icon will appear for Free users. To upgrade, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Partner Overview before:

  • Limited partner information available, requiring you to navigate to 1:1 Account Mapping and other pages to gather intelligence

  • Share settings were hidden

  • Applying filters to cards was done at an individual level, requiring extra work

  • Slide-out panel with no unique page link

Partner Overview after:

  • One-stop shop for intelligence on a specific partner
    No longer browse through multiple pages to gain the information you need. The re-designed page centralizes everything in one place and includes more such as:

    • Names of the respective PAMs

    • Overall win rate

    • Overall revenue potential

    • Potential revenue by specific data sets

    • Three additional views are available:

      • Revenue potential for partner's customers not in my CRM

      • My customers not in partner's CRM

      • My opportunities vs partner's customers

  • Improve efficiency with enhanced navigation
    You now have quick access to the sharing settings and collaboration for Slack directly on the Partner Overview page. Also, each Partner Overview has its own unique page, enabling you to easily navigate back and forth from within your browser.

  • Save time by applying filters across all data set
    You're now able to apply filters across all Account Overlaps cards within one click.

  • More clarity on product terminology
    To match the terminology used within the rest of the platform, we've made the following updates:

    • Prospects among (partner name)'s customers → My prospects vs (partner name)’s customers

    • Customers among (partner name)'s prospects → My customers vs (partner name)’s prospects

    • Net new prospects among (partner name)'s customers → (partner name)’s customers not in my CRM

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