What is 360° Mapping?
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Note: 360° Mapping is free for up to 10 partners.

What is 360° Mapping?

Besides 1:1 account mapping with a specific partner, Reveal can also show you which accounts have relationships across multiple partners.

Our users consider this to be a macro level ecosystem view of their customer base—we call it 360° mapping.

Here's how it looks👇

How can I use my 360° Mapping?

Use 360° Mapping to:

  • See all partners that are speaking with your customers
    👉 where you can get quick intros for your sales teams!

  • Validate your customer’s tech stack
    👉 to prioritize top potential integration partnerships

  • Uncover revenue Multipliers
    👉 justify the impact of involving partners in the sales process

Why am I not seeing anything in my 360° mapping columns?

Given its use for multi-partner account mapping, you will need to have connected with more than one partner (and have account mapping enabled) to see data in the columns of your 360° mapping.

Still growing your partner network? You can invite a partner using your personal URL link, or browse our Directory to discover new high potential partners.

Note: To view more than 10 partners on 360° mapping, you will need to upgrade your plan. Get in touch to find out more.

360° Mapping is a Premium Feature. To know more,

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