Categorize Partners with Tags
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Partner tagging enables you to categorize your partners on Reveal.

For example you can tag partners by:

  • Region

  • Industry focus

  • Expertise

  • Partner tier

  • Existing/Potential partner

  • Strategic/Non-strategic

πŸ‘‰ Tip: You can filter by these categories in your 360 Mapping. This is a great way to identify where partners of a specific category are present in your customers and open opportunities.

How to tag partners on Reveal

1. Go to your Partner Settings

2. Underneath the partner name on the top, click Add tag

3. Input the name of your tag in the search bar > Click Add '[Tag Name]'

Removing a tag associated with a partner

Currently you can remove a tag associated with a partner by clicking the 'X' beside the tag name.

Coming soon: Managing your tags across all partners and removing tags entirely from your workspace.

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