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Get Intro - Salesforce

Introduction to the Get Intro button and a quick how to guide.

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🔒 Note: This feature is available exclusively for Pro and Power plan users with Reveal's Salesforce package.

🔏 Not a pro / power user yet, want to unlock this feature now? Get in touch.


With the Get Intro call to action on Reveal’s Salesforce widget, your Sales Team can now collaborate directly with their team, and/or partner to request introductions, insights and drive revenue.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Discover partner presence

Identify partner presence on accounts you’re working on. From the widget you can see which partners have this same account as a Customer, or an Open Opportunity. You will see, next to the partner name, if the Get Intro request will go to a Slack channel, and if you have already requested an intro from that partner (on that specific account).

Step 2 - Click on the partner to get more details

Discover more details about the partner presence for this account (or opportunity!):

  • See relevant tags: is this partner a Tech partner, co-sell partner, in EMEA? Use these tags to identify if the partner will be of help for your request

  • Understand if you have contacts in common, or if your partner knows contacts that you don't. Does your partner know the COO at one of your prospect companies, is this your ideal profile? Maybe your partner can help put you in touch!

Step 3 - “Get intro” call to action

  • Click Get intro to request help on this account/opportunity

  • See where the request will be sent to in the Intro Routing section: will it go to a shared Slack Connect with the partner? This is great to directly collaborate with the rep at the partner!

  • Select a contact that you'd like an intro to, or more details about

  • Add a message to give more context to your request: the comment will be shared on the Reveal Pipeline with your Partnership team.

    • If an internal Slack channel is selected, the comment will be added to the internal comment column in pipeline

    • If a shared Slack Connect is selected, the comment will be added to the external comment column in pipeline --> if pipeline is shared with the partner, they'll see it too!

  • Click on Send intro request: your request will be routed to the Slack channel/s in the Intro Routing section, an email is sent to your company’s Partnership Manager and the account will be added to their Pipeline on Reveal.

You can also request an intro via the Weekly Digest emails --> select Get Intro for your request to be sent!

Step 4 - Tracking “Get intro” requests

  • Use these requests to grow your pipe and add action items at your next partner meeting

  • Keep track of these requests in pipeline using Stages

  • Share your pipeline with partners to collaborate together in real-time

  • Export your pipeline as a CSV to build out your reporting!

To better understand this new feature, let's explore an example.

Below, you'll find that Ald Automotive is a prospect you are trying to win over. By using the Reveal widget, you can identify (on the right side - see below) partners who have listed Ald Automotive as a customer or prospect with an open opportunity.

Upon clicking the Get Intro button, you will be directed to the following window:

In this step, you have the option to select a particular partner and contact that aligns with your sales team's interests. You can then compose a personalised message to request an introduction to them.

Selecting Send Intro Request will send your request to the Slack channel/s shown in the Intro Routing section, an email to the partner owner at your company (this is the partner owner who is listed on the partner tile on your Reveal partner dashboard), and a pipeline item will be automatically added to your Reveal pipeline. This pipeline item can be linked to an opportunity that exists in your Salesforce. This process streamlines tracking and makes the information more actionable.

In the event that your sales team overlooks the Get Intro button in the Salesforce app, they can still access it through the Weekly Digest email (sent every Friday).

Ready to leverage the Get Intro Button?

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