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Partner attribution reports in Salesforce

Power users can now leverage partner attribution reports within Salesforce.

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Available this summer for Power users

Solving the partner attribution problem
Reveal now tracks activities within the Reveal platform, Slack, and Salesforce to help ensure partnership teams never miss a partner-attributed opportunity again. With activity tracking, partner managers know which partners are likely to be involved in an Opportunity.

Leverage partner attribution reports directly in Salesforce
With these new tracking capabilities, partner managers and/or AEs can quickly run Salesforce reports to review and tag opportunities as Partner Sourced or Partner Influenced.

Important to know before getting started: within Salesforce, you must have:

  • User permissions to create reports within the public folder

  • Inline edit in reports enabled

  • Lightning Experience enabled

If you don't have these, you need to contact your Salesforce Admin.

Three steps for a partner manager to track partner-attributed opportunities

  1. Partner Manager runs Salesforce Attribution Report.

  2. Partner Manager reviews and tags opportunities as Partner Sourced or Partner Influenced using inline edit within the report.

  3. Partner attribution data is synced with your CRM and Reveal platform to ensure accurate reporting and that partnership teams receive credit when credit is due.

Are pre-built reports included?

No, there are no pre-built reports available with this upgrade. Partner managers must create their own partner attribution report by adding the custom Reveal fields and any designated fields used to record partner-influenced and partner-sourced revenue.

How to build a partner attribution report
Add the three custom Reveal fields to the report:

  • Partners likely to be involved field which is pre-filled by Reveal if there are any related activities associated with a partner. Informs the partner manager which companies they should tag for Partner Sourced or Partner Influenced.

  • Reveal Activity field tracks weekly activity from the Reveal platform and the Reveal for Salesforce App. It’s a non-editable, text field that’s pre-filled by Reveal.

  • No Partner Involved field is a checkbox to be used as a filter mechanism during the review process. It’s an editable, checkbox field which is empty by default. Partner managers use this field to indicate when a partner was not involved with the Opportunity.

Add designed fields that your company uses to record partner-influenced and partner-sourced revenue.

  • Partner Sourced fields and Partner Influenced fields or any other field that your company uses to indicate partner-attributed opportunities. These fields should allow for inline editing. This way, you can easily tag the likely partners involved.

Now, you have all the necessary information to review your list and tag partners for attribution directly within the report. The updates will be synced with Reveal and your CRM.

What do I need to do to get the update?
Nothing. Reveal will push the update automatically. There is nothing that needs to be done on your end.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ article.

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