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Reveal uses partner data on the Account level to successfully map accounts. But if your partner data is on the Opportunity level instead, there is a workaround to fix this.


At the Account level: create a new text property and note its name.

(This will replace the placeholder [ACCOUNT-LEVEL FIELD NAME] in the steps below.)

Step-by-step guide

Follow this guide to set up a new automated flow that will update your Account records when partner data is populated on the Opportunity level.

Step 1 - Go to Flow Builder in Salesforce

Step 2 - In the popup window, click Create in Flow Builder

Step 3 - Configure the start of the flow as shown below

^ Replace [OPPORTUNITY-LEVEL FIELD NAME] with your current Opportunity-level partnership field.

Step 4 - We've configured the trigger for the flow (when the Opportunity field is changed), now you will configure what happens as a consequence.

Click Add Element > Subflow.

Step 5 - Configure the Subflow actions to define how to update the Account records.

  • Name the new subflow action (for example: ‘Update Account’), and select the option shown below.

  • Select ‘Account’ as the Object for this subflow.

  • Replace the placeholders with the new Account-level custom field you created previously, and the Opportunity-level partnership field you’d like it to mirror.

The final flow should look similar to this -

Need more help?

Here's a supporting article from Salesforce about the Flow Builder tool.

Or get in touch with Reveal customer support

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